Shamba Holiday Park is doing its bit for Bee Conservation

31 August 2017

Bee Conservation in ShambaWe at Shamba Holidays are doing our bit for the humble bee. 
According to Friends of the Earth 35 species of Bee are considered at risk of extinction in Britain. 
British bees are under threat from bee-harming pesticides called neonicotinoids.
That’s why we at Shamba have built 6 new Bees Hives in the grounds of Shamba Holiday Park and helping conserve the very important bee population in Britain.
Andrew Gray, Director at Shamba said, “It’s not common knowledge that Bees are on the decline in the UK. If we continue to use bee hurting pesticides our British bees will continue to decline.”
“At Shamba we felt adding hives in the park, away from guests, would help support this cause”.